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Olivia is the leading brand of the Ukrainian sunflower seeds processing company PAT Sumskyi Zavod Prodovolchykh Tovariv (a private joint-stock company).

We produce:

  • refined sunflower oil winterized, deodorized;
  • unrefined sunflower oil;
  • sunflower meal (granulated and non-granulated);
  • biofuel sunflower husk pellets;
  • other sunflower oil-based products.

We have experience in manufacturing products for hot climates with the possibility of storage and distribution in high temperature conditions.

It is very easy to manufacture products with Olivia under a private label using the company’s formulas or alter them according to the client’s needs. The packaging with a client’s label could be used for the product.

Modern oil extraction plant with a high level of automation and energy-efficient production technologies allow Olivia to achieve the following indicators:

We offer a large variety of sunflower seeds products and advantageous terms of cooperation.


We ensure the highest quality of the products that meet international standards.
The quality control stages include raw material, intermediate and finished product monitoring conducted by our certified laboratory.

Our company adheres to the principles of simple cooperation that regulate manufacturing stages and shipping to any country of the world.
Our task today is to ensure effective cooperation through simple and reliable logistics services that enable fast transportation of our products by road, railway or sea.


Effective technological process

Quality control at all the stages of production

Manufacturing using the company's formula and natural materials

Timely shipping

Continuing promotional support

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