Biofuel sunflower husk pellets

Produced using sunflower husk according to DSTU 7123, admixture after sunflower seed cleaning according to DSTU 4694.

Physico-chemical indices:

the diameter of the finished granule is between 4 and 15 mm, the length is between 5 and 55 mm.

Index Values
total moisture on the working condition of the fuel 11,0%
ash content 3,1%
mass fraction of total sulfur 0,20%
mass fraction of hydrogen 5,80%
heat of combustion the lowest – 17,22/4113 МДж/кг/Ккал/кг
the highest – 21,58/5154 МДж/кг/Ккал/кг
flash point 235° С

TRANSPORTATION: in bulk, packed in big bags.